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We are a company engaged in the distribution sector especially coconut derivative products. Our company started business with the domestic market and many of our products used by companies and individuals in the country particularly in the field of Plantation and Livestock.


In 2022 we start to develop the market abroad in the hope of competing in the global market. We also work closely with many local farmers especially West Java farmers. Our goal is to work with farmer groups to help market their crops so that the lives of farmers in Indonesia can improve, especially from an economic perspective

Our Products

coconut peat

Coconut Peat

Coconut Peat is a hydroponic growing medium which includes organic media because it is made from natural ingredients, namely coir or coconut shell. Coconut Peat can also be used as a breeding ground because of its superiority that it has a higher absorption capacity than soil and reduces the effect of odors caused by residual waste farm

coconut coir fiber

Coconut Coir Fiber

Coconut coir Fiber is the result of milling products made from coconut skin to produce fiber that has many benefits, it can be us as planting medium because it has high mineral and nutrient elements and is used for household materials because of its strong advantage and organic ingredients.

What Makes Us Unique?


We always innovate our coconut products become better so that we have many variants.


Giving the best quality for all our customers and safety packaging. We also offer private label.


High quality and affordable products that you can imagine.

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Indo Coconut Fiber is a company engaged in the distribution sector especially coconut derivative products.



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