Coconut Coir Fiber

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Coconut Coir Fiber

Coconut coir fiber consists of fiber and cork which connecting one fiber to another. Coconut coir fiber is a milled product made from coconut coir fiber, coconut coir fiber raw materials are widely found in Indonesia because it has a tropical climate that is suitable for coconut trees.

Coconut coir fiber has many benefits, we can use coconut coir fiber as a planting medium because it has high mineral and nutritional elements. Coconut coir fiber is also used as a household ingredient because it is strong and organic. Coconut coir fiber can also be used for handicrafts, even coconut coir fiber can be used as a material for making mattresses and car seats.


Color : Golden Yellow / Brown

Dimension : 40 x 70 x 110 cm

Weight : 95 – 110 kg

Moisture : <20%

Length of Fiber : 5 – 30 cm

Load Ability : 18 MT (180 ball 40ft)

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Process of Making Coconut Coir Fiber

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Coconut Fiber Can Be Used For

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